Open from the 30 th of March till the 2 nd of November 2024. The camping pitches from the 20th of April.
Aquatic area of the 5-star campsite-Domaine-de-la-Bergerie-en-Méditerranée

Sensational escape in a 5-star Mediterranean campsite with water park

Imagine a place where luxury meets aquatic adventure, where every laugh echoes under the azure sky. Nestling on the coast, Domaine de la Bergerie opens the doors of its 5-star Mediterranean campsite to you, offering an exceptional aquatic experience. Our water park, a veritable oasis of freshness, combines the gentle murmur of the waterfalls with the adrenalin of the dizzying slides. While children play in the fun zones, swimming enthusiasts can revel in our vast pools. And for those looking for a moment of serenity, our relaxation area with jacuzzi awaits you. Immerse yourself in a world where aquatic pleasure takes on a new dimension at our 5-star Mediterranean campsite with water park.

parc aquatique du camping 5 étoiles domaine de la bergerie en méditerranée

Water fun for all the family In a 5-star Mediterranean campsite with a water park

Immerse yourself in an aquatic world where children's laughter mingles with the gentle lapping of the water. At Domaine de la Bergerie, our water park is designed to offer every member of the family an unforgettable experience. The heated pools, whether open-air or covered, invite you to swim and relax whatever the season. Thrill-seekers will love our waterslides, while the little ones can splash around safely in the paddling pool. For a moment of idleness, our deckchairs around the pools await you. And for those looking for absolute well-being, our wellness area with jacuzzi, sauna and hammam is the ideal place. Our luxury mobile homes complete the range, guaranteeing a stay where comfort goes hand in hand with aquatic pleasure. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean, where every moment is an invitation to escape.

Aquatic area of the campsite

A thrilling escape to share In the aquatic area of a 5-star campsite in the Mediterranean

The magic of a holiday lies in the unforgettable moments spent together. At Domaine de la Bergerie, our pool area is designed to create these precious memories. Dive into the gentle waters of our heated outdoor pool and let yourself be swept away by the current of fun. The waterslides promise thrills and shared laughter. Every corner of our water park is an invitation to discovery, complicity and fun. Invite your nearest and dearest to this aquatic escapade and enjoy these moments of pure happiness at the heart of the aquatic complex at our 5-star Mediterranean campsite.

Ideal swimming all year round in our heated outdoor pool

Immerse yourself in the luxury of a perfect swim at Domaine de la Bergerie. Our heated outdoor pool is the jewel in the crown of our water park, offering a wonderful escape to the heart of the Mediterranean region. Cradled by the sun's rays and maintained at a perfect temperature, it promises an unrivalled swimming experience. Imagine gliding through waters that are always warm, even when the sea air cools. Every moment in this pool is a hymn to relaxation, pleasure and escape, under the azure sky.

A thrilling descent down the waterslides for memorable moments

Holidays are the perfect time to experience unforgettable water fun. And our waterslides are the beating heart of this adventure. Every descent down our brilliantly designed slides offers an adrenalin rush, forging memories for all the family. From dizzying spirals to gentle slopes, every slide is a promise of safe, exhilarating fun. Whether you're looking for a friendly competition or a solo descent to feel the sea breeze, our waterslides are the attraction not to be missed. Get ready for the thrill of the wind and the cool splash of every turn. Immerse yourself in this adventure and experience water moments like nowhere else.

Dedicated area for swimmers: our pool for invigorating laps

Immerse yourself in the sporting world of our campsite with our outdoor pool specially designed for swimming. With an impressive surface area of 400 m² and a generous width of 25 metres, it's the perfect place for swimming enthusiasts. Whether you're a novice or an expert swimmer, this area is ideal for training sessions or just relaxing in the water.

If the call of the water fades, let yourself be seduced by the gentle melody of the waves. Our 5-star Mediterranean campsite by the sea offers you an idyllic setting to continue your escape.

Children's splashpad area at the campsite
Children having fun at the splashpad at the campsite
Water games for children at the 5-star La Bergerie campsite

Laughter and water games Children's world at the campsite's water park

Nestling in the heart of our 5-star Mediterranean campsite, a dedicated aquatic area awaits little adventurers. With specially adapted paddling pools, exciting water games and supervised activities, your children will be immersed in a world of fun and discovery. Every detail is designed to ensure their well-being and awaken their curiosity, all under the gentle Mediterranean sun.

Fairytale pool: an aquatic immersion for our little campers

Dive into the heart of our aquatic area, where a dedicated pool awaits our young explorers. Designed as a bubble of fun and games, this paddling pool is the ideal playground for children. With gently heated water, they can have fun in complete serenity, under the watchful eye of their parents. Water games, jets and play installations dot the area, stimulating every child's creativity and desire for adventure. It's the perfect place for them to take their first plunges, make new friends and create lasting memories. While you enjoy a moment of idleness nearby, your children will flourish in this aquatic world designed especially for them.

Splashpad®: an aquatic world for budding adventurers

The Domaine de la Bergerie invites you to discover its innovative water park: the Splashpad®. Designed to delight all ages, this area offers an unrivalled playground. With no deep water, it guarantees safe, fun swimming for children. Between the water jets, misters and other aquatic activities, laughter and splashing are the order of the day. And for parents, the Splashpad® is not to be outdone. It's the perfect place to share moments of complicity and aquatic fun as a family.

Indoor pool area at the 5-star Domaine la Bergerie

Watery pleasures In an exceptional Mediterranean campsite

Nestling in our 5-star campsite, the aquatic area is much more than just a place to have fun. It's a sanctuary of serenity, designed for those who long for a beautiful escape and a moment of idleness. Between the gentle murmur of the water and the song of the cicadas, every nook and cranny is an invitation to relax and unwind.

Covered and heated pool: an aquatic invitation all year round

Even when the sea breeze is blowing and the mercury is flirting with low temperatures, the Domaine de la Bergerie guarantees you constant immersion in the water. Take a dip in our indoor pool, an oriental-style setting where the water temperature is always ideal. As soon as the first days of spring arrive, treat yourself to some invigorating laps or just relax in this haven of warmth. For those looking for an activity that combines dynamism and relaxation, our aquagym sessions are available all year round, guaranteeing well-being and vitality. With its promise of swimming and movement whatever the weather, our indoor heated pool is the perfect place for those who want to live out their aquatic passion without restraint.

Beams and relaxation: relaxing moments by the water

Strategically placed around our pools, our sun loungers invite you to relax, whether it's for a siesta to the rhythm of the murmur of the water or for a captivating read. The parasols available offer gentle protection from the scorching rays, ideal for those seeking a little coolness. Each relaxation area is designed to be your own bubble of serenity, where every minute stretches out deliciously. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, inhale the essence of the sea and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the surroundings. It's this gentle way of life that makes a stay on the Côte d'Azur so special.Covered and heated pool: an aquatic invitation all year round

Back massage near the water park at Camping la Bergerie

Serenity break: between care and relaxation Jacuzzi, Sauna, Hammam & Soothing touches

Treat yourself to an enchanted interlude in the heart of the Mediterranean. Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of our jacuzzi, and let yourself be transported by the benefits of our sauna and hammam areas, dedicated to adults during the high season. To enhance this experience, our tailor-made treatments plunge you into a world of deep relaxation. Let yourself be tempted by our expert massages, using a variety of techniques such as shiatsu or ayurvedic, or by our beauty rituals, such as the exotic coconut scrub. Take your time, breathe deeply, and enjoy your getaway to the full in our 5-star Mediterranean campsite, where every moment is synonymous with fulfilment.

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Questions & Réponses Discover the secrets of our 5-star campsite with water park in the Mediterranean

What makes the water park at our 5-star campsite stand out in the Mediterranean ?

Our aquatic area is a real haven of freshness right in the heart of the Mediterranean. With a heated outdoor pool open all year round, adrenalin-pumping waterslides and a large swimming pool, we offer a unique blend of relaxation and fun.

How does our 5-star campsite guarantee a prestigious experience for guests in the Mediterranean ?

Every aspect of our campsite reflects our quest for perfection. From our first-class aquatic facilities to our refined accommodation, wellness services and entertainment, we ensure that every moment spent with us is one to remember.

Why choose the Mediterranean for a 5-star campsite with a pool area ?

The Mediterranean is famous for its Mediterranean atmosphere, enchanting scenery and vibrant culture. Add to this our exceptional aquatic area and our 5-star services, and you have a recipe for an unbeatable holiday.

Can families with young children take full advantage of the water park at our Mediterranean campsite ?

Without a doubt! Our facilities are designed to ensure both safety and fun for all our visitors. From the paddling pool for toddlers to the dizzying slides for thrill-seekers, there's something for every member of the family.